Car Servicing Tips

Posted on: 29 June 2023


Most car owners take a laid-back approach toward car servicing protocols. Unknown to them, car servicing is the easiest way to avoid chronic car issues. Below is an article with some questions to ask your mechanic as they service your vehicle. Hopefully, it should help you understand the benefits of car servicing. 

What Type Of Service Does The Vehicle Need? 

In most cases, your mechanic refers to the logbook maintenance schedule to determine what systems need servicing. For instance, the vehicle could need an oil change, air and oil filter replacement. The servicing schedule could also inform the mechanic to assess the brake pads and suspension components, such as the bushes and tie rods. Once the mechanic services the vehicle, they lodge the servicing details in the logbook. For instance, they indicate the quality of engine oil used and when the vehicle is due for the next service. 

What Other Issues Have You Identified? 

Besides the logbook maintenance schedule, the mechanic conducts thorough mechanical inspections to identify additional problems. For instance, they could assess the condition and level of the transmission fluid. A dark transmission fluid indicates significant oxidation levels, which affect the fluid's lubricating properties. If this is the case, the professional could recommend replacing the fluid. If the vehicle has low transmission fluid, the mechanic conducts thorough checks to identify leaks. Your mechanic also assesses the steering and brake fluid levels for signs of wear and leaks. 

How Healthy Is The Vehicle's Engine?

The mechanic assesses the exhaust system for strange smoke that could indicate an internal engine problem. For example, blue smoke indicates worn-out piston rings or valve seals. On the other hand, white smoke signals coolant leakage while black smoke shows the engine is running too rich. The mechanic also conducts computer diagnosis to examine the internal engine and transmission components and clear errors in the ECU.  

What Should You Look Out For Before The Next Service Cycle? 

Your mechanic should explain what to look out for before the next service cycle. For instance, the mechanic could advise you to keep an eye on your tires if they are bound for replacement. Besides, they could ask you to change the brake pads after a specified mileage if they are due for replacement before the next service. They also offer preventive maintenance advice to keep the vehicle running in excellent condition. For example, they could recommend a coolant change during the cold months. 

Reach out to a local auto service, such as a BMW servicing shop, to learn more.