• Automatic Transmission Services: Five Ways They Are The Key To Fuel Efficiency

    When it comes to fuel efficiency, many drivers focus on modifying their driving habits or choosing a car with a fuel-efficient engine. However, one often overlooked factor is the condition of your vehicle's automatic transmission. Here's how regular automatic transmission services can significantly enhance your car's fuel efficiency. 1. Smooth Gear Shifting Enhances Fuel Efficiency The automatic transmission's primary role is to ensure that your car's engine operates within its most efficient range, regardless of your speed.
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  • Car Servicing Tips

    Most car owners take a laid-back approach toward car servicing protocols. Unknown to them, car servicing is the easiest way to avoid chronic car issues. Below is an article with some questions to ask your mechanic as they service your vehicle. Hopefully, it should help you understand the benefits of car servicing.  What Type Of Service Does The Vehicle Need?  In most cases, your mechanic refers to the logbook maintenance schedule to determine what systems need servicing.
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  • What Problems Can Arise with Your Transmission's Transfer Box?

    If you drive a vehicle with an automatic transmission, chances are you have at least heard of the transfer box. It's an essential component in the transmission system and can cause a variety of problems if it fails. So, what are some of the common issues?  What Is a Transfer Box? This is a part of your transmission system that is typically located close to the gearbox. It's responsible for regulating how the power is transmitted to each axle or, in other words, transferring torque to the front or rear wheels or all four wheels at once.
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