• How Many Performance Issues Can Be Traced to a Faulty Diesel Pump

    Are you having issues with your diesel engine? You may notice some odd behaviour in a variety of different driving conditions and may find it difficult to put your finger on the issue. While there are several places to look for an answer, one of the first things to check is the diesel pump. This may be a relatively small and simple device, but it can cause all manner of issues when it's not working properly.
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  • Clutch Problems? Four Signs You Need to Take Action

    While many people opt for the luxury of an automatic gearbox, others prefer to be a little more involved when they're driving. In fact, they may enjoy their time behind the wheel as they change gear manually along their daily commute. Yet, whenever human action is necessary to engage a mechanical component, there's a lot of margin for error. Some of the parts on the vehicle may wear out more quickly and this is especially true of the clutch.
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  • Developing a financial plan for car repairs

    If you use your car on a daily basis to get to and from work, to pick your children from school, or to travel over long distances, you know how inconveniencing it can be to have your vehicle break down. In addition, costly vehicle repair can exert a financial burden and interfere with your current budget. Car repairs can be quite unpredictable to anticipate. A seemingly minor issue can actually point to a larger problem such as engine or transmission issues that cost a lot to fix.
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