Why You Need to Pay Close Attention to Your Vehicle's Filters

Posted on: 21 December 2018


If you think that a car manufacturing facility is a chaotic, noisy, dusty and grimy place to be, you should think again. The modern-day production line is clinically clean and fully sanitised, where the workers have to wear protective clothing, gloves and masks. There's a reason why car companies specify this type of approach, as they know how much of an issue contamination could be and how it could significantly affect the life of their product. It's not surprising, therefore, that so many individual filters are incorporated into the design of today's cars and trucks. You need to be very careful to ensure that you do your part as well and properly care for these filters.

Ticking Clock

When your vehicle rolls off the assembly line, it will enter the real world and begin to degrade from day one. It will receive fuel that has, by itself, gone through a process of degradation from the time that it left the refinery. It will be far from pure, and your car will need a high-quality filter in order to protect the engine from this threat.

Diesel Risk

This is particularly important in the case of a diesel engine, where contamination could damage highly sensitive nozzles, injectors and pumps that are precisely engineered. The fuel filter in a diesel engine also reduces water contamination that would otherwise significantly affect performance.


Your vehicle will try to breathe air from a contaminated environment, and without this filter, the engine will ingest dust and dirt particles that could lead to corrosion and excess wear and tear.

Internal Threat

Some contamination can come from within the engine itself, and this can be caused by excess wear and tear. Although lubricants are specially engineered to reduce this risk as much as possible, the fact remains that moving parts experience friction and tiny particles of metal will inevitably find their way into the oil supply. As they circulate, the oil filter must do its job and remove them from the picture; otherwise, your engine will not last as long as it ordinarily would.

Regular Attention

The average car has many individual filters, and they should always be changed in accordance with manufacturer-recommended intervals. However, this can be a messy job and beyond the scope of the average driver, so it's important for you to take your vehicle into a mechanic for car servicing instead. Remember, the world is dirty and you need to get as much value as you can out of your car.