• Could Brake Fade Be Giving You a Fright behind the Wheel?

    When you are used to the way that your car or truck performs, you will know just how much pressure to apply to the brake pedal to stop in any given situation. So, it can be very disconcerting if you suddenly find that it takes more pressure (and a lot more distance) to achieve the same task. In this situation, you are suffering from a case of "brake fade," but what is this, and what should you do about it?
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  • Could Your Diesel Fuel Issue Be Caused by Something Unexpected?

    If you own a diesel-powered car or truck, you may be experiencing some performance issues that are difficult to quantify. In particular, you may notice that the vehicle hesitates when you're trying to overtake, may stall without reason or may be difficult to start in the first place. In all these cases, you may suspect issues with the fuel delivery but may not realise that these problems could originate somewhere other than the engine itself.
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