• Are You Contributing to Accelerated Clutch Disrepair?

    While no motorist looks forward to auto repairs, they are inevitable. And for some auto parts, these repairs will be relatively routine due to the environment they are exposed to. The clutch is one of these components that you can expect to acquire a fair amount of wear that will necessitate repairs and eventual replacement because it is subjected to a substantial amount of friction. Nonetheless, this does not mean that you should not take steps towards prolonging its lifespan.
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  • Why Does Your Car Jump Out Of Gear?

    If your car is fitted with a manual transmission, you have to get used to its specific demands and ensure that you select the right gear for the conditions at precisely the right moment. To do this, you may have become quite an expert at de-clutching on time and matching the speed of the engine to the forward motion of the car. Yet you may have noticed something rather strange recently if as you performed the perfect gearchange, the lever might have jumped out of its place.
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  • Panel Beating: Three Fundamental Procedures

    Being involved in a road accident is never fun, especially when your car needs extensive repairs. Whether it is a small dent at the front or a crumpled bonnet, a smashing job is almost inevitable since the exterior is the first point of contact during a crash. Notably, repair ensures that you maintain the attractiveness and resale value of your vehicle. Understandably, many car owners do not know what to focus on during panel beating.
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