Why You Need a Professional Panel Beater's Contact Information

Posted on: 14 June 2021


Car accidents can happen anytime because you have no control over what other motorists do on the road. The only thing you can do to minimise the chances of being involved in a fender bender is to exercise caution while on the road. However, should you be involved in an accident, you need the services of a panel beater to restore your car. Unfortunately, most motorists do not bother looking for a panel beater until they need one. This article highlights the importance of having a professional panel beater's contact information handy.

Fast Processing of Quotation -- The extent of an accident largely determines how long your car will stay at a panel beater's garage. Naturally, damage from serious accidents takes longer to repair. Most professional panel beaters can cut repair time substantially if they receive critical information early enough. The information includes detailed and clear pictures showing the extent of damage. Luckily, some panel beaters have platforms where clients can upload photos and videos of damaged vehicles in real-time. Therefore, if you have a panel beater's contact information, you can immediately upload pictures and videos for an immediate quote for repair costs.

Access to Professional Towing -- Unknown to most motorists, towing a vehicle from an accident scene is the first step in a panel beating exercise. Therefore, the towing services you will affect the overall repair costs. For instance, using towing services you know nothing about can cause further damage to your vehicle before it even gets to a repair shop. Consequently, it increases repair costs, especially if towing staff are untrained. However, if you have a reputable panel beater's contact info, you can call them to recommend professional towing services. In fact, some panel beaters offer towing services to facilitate the proper handling of damaged vehicles. Most importantly, this ensures that your car arrives at a panel beater's repair shop in a decent state, eliminating the chances of increased smash repair costs.

Inquire About Appropriate Services -- Many motorists believe that panel beaters use hammers, dollies, spoons, and files for all smash repair work. However, nothing could be further from the truth because some car body damage requires standard panel beating while other damage, such as dents, can do with paintless dent removal techniques. If you can contact a panel beater immediately after an accident, you can inquire about the appropriate smash repairs that your car needs. Conversely, you might have to settle for the available repair services if you do not contact a smash repairer in good time.