Red Alerts That Your Car Needs Repair

Posted on: 19 October 2019


Car damages are frustrating, especially when they happen when you least expect. Although we cannot control some of the car repairs needed, such as accidents, we can control the majority of them through proper car maintenance and regular servicing. In this guide, we will pinpoint the significant warning signs that signify your car needs immediate repair.

Excess smoke

Never ignore any smoke which comes from the front of the rear part of the vehicle. Smoke shows that your engine is overheating, and in most cases, it happens when the coolant goes dry. There are many causes of smoke from the car, but the key here is to seek help immediately. Too much smoke might overheat the engine.

Tire pressure

In most cases, a tire pressure does not signify any damage. It might, however, mean that one of the tires has low pressure. To confirm the problem, drive the car for a short distance and try refilling it. If the issue continues for more than a week, consult a vehicle repairs professional as the car might have an underlying problem. 

Coolant leak

Seals and gaskets protect the coolant and pump it for effective and uniform transmission. The seals may, however, start weathering and crack. When they break, the coolant begins to leak to other parts of the vehicle or even to the ground. If you notice a leaking coolant in your car, contact a professional mechanic to take care of the issue.

Sluggish acceleration

Your vehicle may become abnormally slow due to multiple reasons. For instance, it could be because of clogged fuel injectors, dirty air cleaners or engine and transmission wear and tear. You can only identify the specific problem when you take your car for maintenance.

Excessive vibrations

Usually, a vehicle should operate smoothly with very minimal sound. However, if you suddenly experience annoying vibrations originating from the engine, brakes, or axles, it will be evident that there is an underlying issue. First, confirm the tightness of the nuts, and check if the tire rims have any damage. Try to fix them on your own, but call your mechanic immediately if the problems persist.

If you experience any of the above signs, stop driving and park your car in a safe place. It is not advisable to continue driving as you may cause further damages to the engine of the vehicle entirely. Find a reputable vehicle repairs expert to examine and find a solution to the problem.