Indicators Pointing To The Immediate Need For Car Radiator Repair

Posted on: 21 August 2019


One crucial yet usually-underrated component of your vehicle is the radiator. This auto part has the primary function of directing excessive heat away from your engine. Thus, it works to ensure the longevity of the engine by minimising the rate at which it acquires wear due to the environment that the engine is in. However, this does not mean that the radiator is immune to wear and tear. While this component is designed to have a long shelf life, it is bound to fail at some point. To ensure that your engine is not at risk of damage in the process, you should be aware of the signs of impending malfunction of the radiator. Here are three indicators pointing to the immediate need for car radiator repair.

Yoru engine is overheating frequently

When your engine is overheating constantly, you should be concerned about radiator decline. When your engine is regularly reaching temperatures that are higher than it should, it means that the radiator has lost its ability to redirect excess heat. If the overheating is accompanied by billows of steam, then you need to come to a stop, turn off the engine and open the bonnet to allow the engine to cool off. At this point, you need to call your mechanic so that they can inspect the radiator. In some cases, it may simply need a top-up of coolant. In other cases, your car may need to go into the auto shop for comprehensive radiator repair.

Coolant is pooling under the car

As mentioned above, if the coolant is insufficient then it could lead to radiator problems that cause the engine to overheat. But in some cases, you may have been conscientious about topping up the coolant only to find that you have an undiagnosed leak. One of the first symptoms of this issue is visible droplets or even puddles of coolant that gather on the floor under your car. Coolant is typically manufactured in the pink, green or yellow, so if you notice any of these hues under the car, it is a clear indicator that your radiator could be in serious trouble. Never try to locate the leak on your own! Instead, have your mechanic carry out an inspection to establish the source of the coolant leak.

Your exhaust smoke is white

Another signal indicative of potential radiator issues is the exhaust smoke turning white. In this scenario, it means that coolant is not only leaking but it is making its way into your car's combustion chamber. As a result, the coolant is being burned so it exits your vehicle in white smoke. Your coolant should never be burning because this fluid is for the primary function of protecting the engine from excess heat. Because of this, it is imperative to seek car radiator repair immediately when you notice this or any other sign that your radiator is likely malfunctioning.