Need A Dumper Trailer? 3 Key Considerations To Buy The Perfect Trailer For Your Waste Removal Business

Posted on: 30 March 2016


Dumper trailers are good choices for people engaged in the waste removal business, whether it is for removing construction, landscaping and renovation waste to a landfill or dumpsite. Dumper trailers are typically easy to handle and can navigate through tricky areas. This guide will help you consider certain factors to buy the perfect dumper trailer for your waste removal business.

Choose Weight Capacity Based On Your Business Needs

Since dumper trailers typically come in various sizes and weight capacities, you will need to choose something that resonates best with your business needs. For instance, if a major chunk of your waste removal business requires you to carry heavy concrete materials from renovation and construction waste, then you will need a dumper trailer with a better weight capacity. If your waste removal business traditionally looks into landscaping and other other light material waste, then you can choose a lower weight capacity trailer. Keep in mind that higher weight capacity trailers enable you to extend your offerings in the future, so even if you transport lighter weight for the moment, you may want to invest in a higher weight capacity trailer for expanding your waste removal business to other areas.

Look For Robust Safety And Control Features

Your dumper trailer should ideally come with robust safety and control features to reduce hazards for superior protection while operating it. For instance, safety chains for load control and rear clearance lights for enhanced visibility will help you minimise any safety risks while operating the dumper trailer. Automatic control options enable greater flexibility when working with dumper trailers, while making your dumping task much easier. Getting a dumper trailer with wireless remote control features enables you to keep track of the process of dumping without worrying about doing any manual work on your own.

Consider The Strength Of The Trailer Frame

Dumper trailers must have strong frames because you'll naturally need them to last for a long time. Iron and steel frames are highly durable in comparison to other materials, so be sure to look for these types of frames when purchasing dumper trailers. You'll also want the trailer bed floor and sides to be made from steel or iron for longer lasting durability. Aluminium is typically less strong than steel and iron, so you may want to avoid them when choosing the dumper trailer frame.

Dumper trailers are ideal assets for any waste removal business, whether you deal with construction waste, renovation waste or landscaping waste. Consider adding them to your fleet if you're looking to enhance your productivity and ultimately your profitability.