Ultimate Tips for Picking The Right Campervan

Posted on: 26 January 2016


Campervans are used for many purposes because they provide both transport and sleeping accommodations. However, they exist in many designs, and picking the right one may be a bit difficult without the necessary information. So if you're planning on enjoying an amazing camping trip or vacation, then here are some tips on how you can choose your campervan.

Settle on the size

When choosing your size, you don't really have to pick the exact seat count as the number of people using the van. You need to put more emphasis on the options available.If there are four people in your family and you've got kids, you'll be much better off using a six berth van. This is because it'll offer you more options particularly in terms of beds. If your kid doesn't like one, they can easily switch to another.

However, there is a catch. Larger vehicles also use up more fuel. So you need to consider what's more important to you before making your choice.

For family travels, ensure that each seat has got a seat belt. The kids need to have seats with 3-point seat belts for extra safety and not lap seatbelts.

Will you use bikes?

If you're planning on using bikes at your destination, then don't forget to hire a campervan with bike racks. You'll be able to fit your bikes at the back of the vehicle and prevent your space from filling up.

Avoid getting a campervan with roof racks if you don't have the height or strength of securing your bikes to the roof. Get one that fits the bikes at the back of the vehicle instead.


If you have a preference over the kind of transmission, then ensure you ask about it before hiring. There are campervans with both automatic and manual gearboxes. Automatic gearboxes will suit you if you've not driven such a large vehicle in a long time, or if you've never driven one before. However, you need to know that these automatics are quite rare, and you'll have to pay more for them.

Book during off-peak seasons for cheaper rates

If you are not ready to pay top dollar for the hire, then make your hire before or after the school holidays. It is during the school holidays that most people book these vehicles so as to spend their time with their kids. Avoiding the peak periods will also help you benefit from a number of discounts and promotions.

Also, try using a campervan company that has got all-inclusive packages. Taking advantage of these packages will greatly reduce your costs.