Tips for Fixing a Dent in Your Car Door

Posted on: 17 December 2015


If your car has been in an accident, the damage can range from minimal to extensive. If you are lucky and only have a dent in your door, it is possible to correct the dent on your own. You can re-skin the door that is dented and it will look just like new. Door re-skinning is a great option because it does not require any welding. Before you start the process, though, there are a few tips that you need to remember.

Where to Purchase the Skin

It is possible for you to buy door skin for most vehicles by purchasing it directly from the dealer. If your car is older, it is also possible to buy door skin online or from some auto part stores in your region. Buying them directly from the dealer is simpler, but you will often pay a higher price.

Removal of Door

The trick to applying new door skin in the easiest manner is to remove the door with the dent from the vehicle. You need to remove all parts on the door that are a barrier when you try to apply the new door skin. This means that you must remove the inner door panel, the window insert and the trim around the window. The door hinges also have to be removed, but you should scribe them beforehand so that you know exactly where they need to be reinserted.

Taking Off Old Skin

Once you have the door removed from the vehicle and all the parts on the door removed, it is possible to take off the old sheet metal skin that is dented. Since the perimeter of the skin is folded, it is necessary for you to grind on the fold until it comes apart. You should grind around the entire frame of the door and then be able to pull the skin off.


As long as you purchase the right type of door skin for your vehicle, it should be designed to fit perfectly. The adhesive on the skin is high quality, which means that you need to place the skin accurately. Since you want a perfect fit, you will have to grind the imperfections that are noticeable and also tap out all of the high spots that you can locate. This is the only way that the new skin will attach perfectly to the door. After application, the skin should be painted to prevent it from corroding over time.

If you have more extensive vehicle damage, contact a smash repair shop for further help.