Problems That Could Make You Require Automotive Air Conditioning Repairs

Posted on: 6 October 2015


One of the most common problems that can cause you to require automotive air conditioning and radiator repairs is overheating. When your vehicle's engine keeps running hot, it typically means that either the radiator fan or the air conditioning condenser is malfunctioning. This will have a negative effect on your both these components. However, other problems could crop up and these would require you to get air conditioning repairs.

Leaks from your refrigerant or coolant

Leaks that spring up from either your coolant or refrigerant typically crop up from older vehicles. In general, your refrigerant may run out over time due to normal use and all that you would need to do is have it refilled. However, on other occasions, wear and tear due to the age of you vehicle may cause leaks to spring up from the hoses in the air conditioning's compressor.

Noises emanating from the compressor

If you notice that your automotive air conditioning system is noisy, chances are that there could be damage in the engine or in the hoses attached to the air conditioning unit. On other occasions, some of the components in the compressor may be malfunctioning, thus making it noisy. It would be pertinent to seek the services of an auto mechanic to have the compressor replaced.

Erratic temperature changes

If you are experiencing erratic temperature changes when your air conditioning is in use, chances are there is moisture building in part of the components that make up its assembly. With changing temperatures, the moisture can freeze, thus turning it into ice, which can clog the hoses. An auto mechanic can fix this problem by establishing the cause of the moisture and eliminating any residual ice.

Malfunctioning electrical system

Another reason you may experience air conditioning problems is if the car battery is not functioning at optimum. The weaker your car battery, the less functionality that your air conditioning system will have. This is because your vehicle's battery requires sufficient voltage to ensure that the air conditioning's compressor is triggered. Although the battery may still be sufficient to run your vehicle, the charge may not be enough for your air conditioning system to run on.

Your air filters are clogged

As your air conditioning system runs, it is exposed to dust and works toward filtering this out as it blows air into your vehicle. Over time, these filters can become clogged, thus inhibiting the functionality of your AC system. In addition, bacteria can also build up on the filters, thus causing foul odours in your vehicle. An auto mechanic can choose to either clean or replace the filters depending on how degraded they are.