Different Issues That Could Be Affecting Your Manual Transmission

Posted on: 29 September 2015


Car problems can be quite unnerving and frustrating, especially to the average driver who does not have a trained eye to spot these problems. The manual transmission is what works toward controlling power from your vehicle's engine to its driveshaft. Since this system is quite complex, it is not advisable to try to tinker with it in the hopes that you can fix it yourself and avoid having to pay for auto mechanical repairs. However, if any issues are left unchecked, they can become exacerbated and begin to affect other aspects of your vehicle. Here are some of the issues that your manual transmission may face, and it would be best to seek a professional mechanic to fix them.

The clutch is slipping

Your vehicle's clutch functions by transferring power from the engine of your vehicle to the manual transmission system. This is what enables you to switch gears as you drive. If your clutch begins to slip, the first thing you will notice is that your car's engine is revving as normal but your vehicle is either not moving at all or is jerking. This could mean that you need one of your clutch pedals either repaired, adjusted into place, or replaced altogether

The vehicle is not getting into gear

Another sign that your manual transmission is not working at optimum condition is if you are unable to get into gear or shifting gear while you are driving. In this instance, it could mean that either an external or an internal component of your manual transmission is worn out or has become damaged. Trouble changing gears could also signify an electrical problem with your vehicle's wiring. Lastly, your manual transmission could also inhibit you from getting into gear if you are using transmission fluid that is not designed for your vehicle. It is best to seek the services of a mechanic who can establish the reason for this and fix it before it before your vehicle becomes a danger on the roads.

The clutch is sticking

Another sign of problems with manual transmission is when you push the clutch pedal but it does not get back up on its own. If you are experiencing this, it could mean that the clutch master is suffering from a leak. It could also indicate that there is a problem with the slave cylinder in the manual transmission system. Generally, this means you may have to have some components of your manual transmission replaced rather than repaired.