Car Running Hot? Why It Could Be Your Pump

Posted on: 10 November 2021

If your car or truck is beginning to overheat, your mind may immediately turn to the radiator. While this is the largest component of the automotive cooling system, the whole process is more likely to break down if you have issues with your water pump. How does this work, and what are some of the signs of an issue? Keeping Cool Did you know that the internal temperature of an internal combustion engine can sometimes reach 2500°C?
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Reasons Why Your Automatic Transmission Shifts Hard Between Gears

Posted on: 17 September 2021

When you drive your car with a traditional automatic transmission, you expect smooth shifts. Hard shifts, such as from first to second, indicate a problem. While an occasional rough shift is not an issue, frequent ones may indicate a repair need. Read on to learn more about hard shifts in automatic transmissions and what to do about them. What Is a Hard Shift? When your automatic transmission is about to move up in gear, your engine's RPM will rise.
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Should You Be Dyno Tuning Your Vehicle?

Posted on: 9 August 2021

There's a lot to do when looking after a vehicle, from tyre maintenance to oil top-ups. Most owners understand the basic care principles--but is there anything you're missing out of your regular maintenance schedule? Dyno tuning is something many people skip altogether and don't know much about--but that can be a mistake, and here's why. What 'dyno tuning' is: Dyno tuning is a methodical approach to tuning your engine. It's used by trained technicians to determine potential problems, allowing you to get the best performance from your vehicle and keep your engine running for as long as possible.
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Why You Need a Professional Panel Beater's Contact Information

Posted on: 14 June 2021

Car accidents can happen anytime because you have no control over what other motorists do on the road. The only thing you can do to minimise the chances of being involved in a fender bender is to exercise caution while on the road. However, should you be involved in an accident, you need the services of a panel beater to restore your car. Unfortunately, most motorists do not bother looking for a panel beater until they need one.
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